Bit Of This, Bit Of That: Revisiting Search & Discovery


Genre-based categorization forms a vital part of music discovery. What started several decades ago as just a way to market and segment artists into well-defined categories today forms the core of the user experience in music apps in the form of genre-browse section. However, popular music over the past two decades has become more genre-fluid than ever. Despite the emergence of mood-based, theme-based, and contextual playlists over the strictly single-genre-based ones, the search interfaces have mostly remained the same. To accommodate this ever-growing genre fluidity, we need to revisit the currently existing search interfaces. To this aim, we propose Bit Of This, Bit Of That, a search-and-discovery system that facilitates genre-fluid search, with its novel interface being our primary contribution. Finally, we conclude with a discussion of the first impressions of this work.

ISMIR 2021